Omicron  4.2.0
An algorithm to detect and characterize transient events in gravitational-wave detectors
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OmicronUtils.h File Reference

Omicron utilities. More...

#include <ReadAscii.h>
#include <Streams.h>
#include "Oconfig.h"
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string GetOmicronFilePattern (const string aChannelName, const unsigned int aTimeStart, const unsigned int aTimeEnd)
 Returns the list of Omicron trigger files.

Detailed Description

Omicron utilities.

Florent Robinet -

Function Documentation

◆ GetOmicronFilePattern()

string GetOmicronFilePattern ( const string  aChannelName,
const unsigned int  aTimeStart,
const unsigned int  aTimeEnd 

Returns the list of Omicron trigger files.

The standard omicron trigger directories are scanned:

  • The offline area pointed by the environment variable $OMICRON_TRIGGERS
  • The online area pointed by the environment variable $OMICRON_TRIGGERS_ONLINE

The list of files matching the input time range are returned.

The priority is given to the offline area.
If the offline trigger directory is HPSS (CCIN2P3), GetOmicronFilePatternFromHpss() is called.
[in]aChannelNameChannel name.
[in]aTimeStartGPS start time.
[in]aTimeEndGPS end time.