Tools for gravitational-wave analyses
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CChainChain ROOT trees in a list of files defined by a file pattern
 CCoinc2Set two trigger sets in coincidence
 CEventMapMap triggers
 CfflLoad frame files and access data in frames
 CfftWrap and optimize FFTW
 CGwollumOptionSingle option
 CGwollumOptionsInterface to manage options
 CGwollumPlotInterface to draw and print ROOT objects
 CIIRFilterProduce an infinite impulse response filter
 CInjCoiRecover injections in a coinc set
 CInjEctInject simulated signals in a data stream
 CInjGenGenerate a set of injections
 CInjReaRead a set of injections
 CInjRecRecover injections in a trigger set
 CInjTreManage injection structures
 CIOParse option files
 CMakeTriggersWrite triggers to disk
 Ch5_segmentsSegment structure for hdf5
 Ch5_triggersTrigger structure for hdf5
 CReadAsciiParse text files with columns
 CReadTriggerMetaDataAccess metadata in trigger files
 CReadTriggersRead trigger files
 CSampleTransform discrete time series
 CSegmentsManage time segment lists
 CSpectrumCompute the noise power spectral density
 CStreamsManage streams
 CTriggerBufferCreate and manage a buffer for triggers
 CTriggerMetricMeasure distance with triggers
 CTriggerPlotPlot triggers
 CTriggersManage a trigger set
 CTriggerSelectSelect trigger parameters
 CZPGFilterProduce a filter defined by a set of zeros, poles and a gain factor