Omicron  4.2.0
An algorithm to detect and characterize transient events in gravitational-wave detectors
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 Omicron class linker.
 See Oomicron.h.
 See Oinject.h.
 Inject sinusoidal Gaussian waveforms.
 See Omap.h.
 Omicron multi-resolution time-frequency map.
 Program to compare two omicron trigger sets.
 Program to search for omicron trigger files.
 Program to plot omicron triggers.
 Program to print omicron triggers.
 Program to scan and identify corrupted trigger files.
 Program to test the Otile class.
 Program to display an Ox event in a web report.
 Program to run an Omicron cross-correlation analysis.
 Program to run an Omicron analysis.
 See OmicronUtils.h.
 Omicron utilities.
 See Oomicron.h.
 Omicron processing.
 Manage Omicron options.
 See Oqplane.h.
 Omicron Q-plane.
 See Osequence.h.
 Omicron analysis time sequence.
 See Otile.h.
 Omicron tiling structure.
 See Oomicron.h.
 See OxAnalysis.h.
 Omicron cross-correlation analysis.
 See OxCorr.h.
 Ox cross-correlation engine.
 See OxEvent.h.
 Manage Ox events.
 See OxEvent.h.
 See OxInit.h.
 Ox initialization.
 Omicron class linker.
 See OxOmicron.h.
 Omicron for Ox analyses.
 See OxResults.h.
 Ox analysis results.
 See OxResults.h.
 See OxResults.h.
 See OxSim.h.
 Ox simulation results.